Typically, many people think house cleaning services are only for the well off wealthier people - NOT TRUE as there are many affordable services and in the big picture, if you become ill and start experiencing health issues, how much will that cost in missed work and medical expenses? Even buying allergy medication can be expensive now-a-days and not even necessary if you can eliminate the issues. Of course, this is not the norm, but it is a consideration.

Axiom Cleaning Services offers you "Clean Living" with our cleaning services. We hit the areas that most miss and produce safer and healthier living conditions throughout your house, primarily do to our Clean Living Process and the unique Axiom methods implement into your home cleaning.

Typically, all you can really see is the surface dirt, not the odor causing germs, bacteria, mold and fungus that hides deep down, and it is in the hidden area's that are often missed or over-looked by most cleaners.

There are many areas that easily get dirty and hide the germs that will cause bacteria and odors and sometimes may cause health issues or make asthma worse.


Axiom Clean Living At Home - We have been trained, certified and educated into the "below surface" cleaning methods to eliminate the source, or the root, of the the issues. Your house is your castle and you spend time and sleep there, Axiom will offer you superior clean living and a 100% Satisfaction Promise that we will exceed your expectations.

ur Axiom Clean service is perfect for most and offers you clean living on your terms. And, if you or any family members of your household have certain concerns and/or health issues, allow us to do an Extreme Clean and get EVERYTHING clean. The Extreme Clean is not "better" than our Axiom Clean, it simply offers MORE services than a typical basic cleaning.

Think about these issues:

1. Allergies: Some individuals may suffer from certain allergic reactions related to pollen, mold, mildew, bacteria or many other germs, so n Axiom professional cleaning service can get to the bottom and eliminate the issues from the source.

2. Cleanliness: Have small children? Do they ever crawl around on the floor, stick their hands in their mouth and playing? With the assistance of Axiom Cleaning Services, you can minimize the chances that your kids may grab something not meant for consumption.

3. Time Savings: It's YOUR home, we WILL save you time and make your life easier.

4. Peace of Mind: Axiom House Cleaning Services allows you to enjoy your home, let the kids play and no worry about what may be hidden underneath or behind something - we get it clean and can keep it clean!