Axiom Cleaning Services focuses on the complete cleaning of your home, using our extensive checklist and our Award Winning cleaning methods. Our list of services offers you a premium cleaning at an affordable price. Our services are thorough and complete to meet all customer demands and compliance of all certifications, as your clean living is our priority - Why? Because, if you are not happy, we lose your confidence, and that IS NOT going to happen. Each and every home will enjoy the Axiom Clean service; an invigorating cleaning from top to bottom, making sure you receive the finest attention to detail and leaving your living areas clean, fresh and healthy. We do offer a list of optional cleaning services to meet certain demands and accommodate specific needs, but be assured, our basic Axiom Clean service is more thorough than all the rest combined. We not only want you to understand exactly what Axiom is offering, we would also like you to understand our cleaning process - anyone can spay windex on a window and wipe it, run a vacuum and push dust and dirt around, but are they using the proper materials to keep your home safe and healthy? Or did they buy something at the dollar store that may be harmful or damaging to the surfaces? After reviewing our services below, see WHY it is risky to seek out the cheapest price solution. All Axiom services are available on a weekly, bi-weekly and monthly schedule. And to make sure we exceed YOUR expectations, please see our 100% Satisfaction Promise Guarantee and a take a minute to watch a video with our owner and team leader - reinforcing our commitment to your happiness!

Common Living Areas - Clean & Detail

- All accessible carpeted floors vacuumed

- All tile/wood floors vacuumed and mopped

- Flat areas hand wiped

- Picture frames dusted

- Cabinet doors and tops wiped down and dusted

- Doors and door frames spot cleaned

- Baseboards clean and dusted

- Counters disinfected and wiped down

- All ceiling fans vacuum dusted

- Cobwebs removed from all areas

- Light bulbs and light fixtures dusted where possible

- Lamp shades dusted

- Trash receptacles emptied

- Mirrors polished - streak-free

- Any hanging lights dusted where possible

- All doors and framing cleaned and dusted

- Intricate items dusted

- Heavy knickknack areas dusted

- Stairs vacuumed

- Empty closet floors vacuumed

Bathrooms -Clean & Detail

- Shower scrubbed, rinsed and polished including fixtures and floor

- Glass door on shower will be polished inside and outside

- Faucets, sinks, and drains toothbrushed cleaned

- Sink will be scrubbed and fixtures polished

- Counters will be disinfected and wiped down

- All objects are moved so that proper cleaning can be accomplished

- Large mirror and small hand mirrors are polished - streak free

- Cabinets are wiped down, dusted on top and doors

- Bathroom light bulbs and fixtures are dusted where possible

- Trash receptacles are emptied

- Toilet is scrubbed and disinfected: seat, rim, top and under side

- Shelves, windowsills, doors, door frames cleaned

- Floors are vacuumed and mopped, free of any standing water

- Knickknacks individually cleaned

- Baseboards and window sills hand wiped

- Removal of cobwebs

- Tile grouting cleaned

- Laundry Room - outside of washer & dryer wipe/dust (As Able)

Kitchen - Clean & Detail

- Sink disinfected, scrubbed and polished

- Scrub Stove top

- Scrub vent above stove, inside and out

- Inside of range hood cleaned

- Clean and sanitize all counters

- Spray and wipe outside and top of refrigerator

- Dust all baseboards and light fixtures.

- Vacuum and mop

- Drip pans or glass top surfaces cleaned

- Doors and door frames hand wiped

- Appliances cleaned and shined

- Knickknack areas cleaned

- Fronts of cabinets hand wiped

- Floors given extra attention

- All kitchen furniture hand wiped

Bedroom/Sleeping Areas - Clean & Detail

- Flat areas hand wiped

- Doors and door frames spot cleaned and wiped

- Cobwebs removed

- Picture frames dusted

- Ceiling fans dusted

- Lamp shades dusted

- Intricate items dusted

- Heavy knickknack areas dusted

- Window sills, ledges, blinds dusted and wiped

- Wood floors vacuumed and damp mopped

- Empty closet floors vacuumed

- Knickknacks individually cleaned

- Furniture surfaces hand wiped

- Baseboards hand wiped

- Carpet edges vacuumed

- Accessible areas under furniture vacuumed


- Porch areas - sweep cleaned

- Garage/ Carport Area - Blow Out Cleaned

- Oven/Stove professionally cleaned inside

- Windows - clean inside / streak-free

- Wood Cleaning, stain treatment


- Tables cleaned, dusted and polished

- Cabinet doors and cabinet tops wiped down and dusted

- Baseboards cleaned and dusted

- Counters disinfected and wiped down

- Ceiling fans dusted

- Cobwebs removed from all areas

- Light bulbs and fixtures dusted where possible

- Trash receptacles emptied

- Mirrors cleaned and polished - streak-free

- Any hanging lights dusted

- All doors and framing cleaned and dusted

- All window blinds dusted