Why Have A Cleaning Schedule?

Eliminate Frantic Cleaning – Your house will be reasonably clean all the time if you stick to our professional and reliable cleaning schedule. If you have a schedule, we are all in sync and you know "exactly" when to expect us and what to expect from our team. You'll have less stress and enjoy YOUR time to relax.

Greater Efficiency – If you don't have your tasks planned out, time is wasted figuring out what to do. With our Axiom schedule, everything is mapped out for you. Not only that, your schedule can be tailored to your availability.

The 5 Steps to Cleaning

1. Determine the frequency of your schedule

Before we begin to list your required tasks with you, you should determine if you prefer us to be there weekly, biweekly, or monthly? We suggest making a schedule with us to discuss your demands and priorities.

2. List your tasks

Make a list of everything that you can possibly think of that needs cleaning. Use our document as your starting point. This way, we make sure our team meets your needs consistently.

3. Determine frequency of tasks

To determine how often we need to perform certain "optional" tasks, think about what is reasonable for you. If you have a guest room that no one ever uses, perhaps we need to dust it each visit. BUT...if you have 2 dogs that shed a lot, we will most definitely need to keep up withcertain tasks more than the average household.

4. Assign specific tasks to specific days

If there is a day of the week that is particularly good for you, we will try our best to make our schedule work with yours. But keep in mind, we have many customers who allow us access to their home so we can get it done on schedule - home or not!

5. Stick to it

Easier said than done, right? This money you save in your valuable time can then be used as a savings!


Safety - If you have a baby inevitably, they will spend a lot of that time on your floors. Place doormats at all entrances and encourage family members to wipe! That "helps" to keeps dirt, pesticides and other pollutants from getting on carpets. Large mats, that cover two or three strides, will ensure that even those that refuse to wipe will leave most of the dirt clinging to their shoes on the mat rather than your carpet.

Encourage family members to remove shoes upon entrance into the home. Pesticides, pollutants and dirt come indoors on shoes and are tracked onto carpets. If going shoeless is not acceptable to family members, suggest that they wear house shoes (that don't go outside), slippers or socks. In fact, bare feet can deposit natural skin oils on carpet. The oils attract dirt.

Vacuum two or more times per week. Frequent vacuuming helps reduce the level of dust mites, which trigger asthma and allergy attacks. It also means getting rid of surface dirt on carpets before it has a chance to get ground in. A vacuum cleaner with strong suction, rotating brushes and a HEPA filter, so the dirt and dust won't get blown back out in the exhaust, is best. Go back and forth over the same spot several times, especially in high traffic areas, to get all of the dirt and dust! Take care also to vacuum thoroughly along walls and carpet edges because dirt and dust accumulates there. Cleaning Practices - Cleaning and clean living plays an essential role in your everyday lives. By removing soils, germs and other contaminants, Axiom House Cleaning Services will help YOU stay healthy

Clean Surfaces - (Counter Tops, Tiles, Wood Floors & More). We all notice the clean we can "see" on the surfaces, but be concious that just because it looks clean, it doesn't mean it really is clean. You can't see most germs like Salmonella, E. coli, or even Influenza, but disease-causing germs may be alive and thriving on surfaces all around you. And as we continue to learn more about how germs and disease creep into our homes and grow, the idea of sanitizing the surfaces we touch becomes even more important.

Kitchen and bathroom cleaners

You can easily make household cleaners for these areas of the home from ingredients that are already in your kitchen cupboards. In particular, white vinegar has a range of uses:

Cleaning glassware and removing water marks from stainless steel appliances. Diluting white vinegar with water and putting it in a spray bottle creates a handy kitchen and bathroom cleaner, especially if you add in 10-15 drops of lavender or lemon essential to offer some antimicrobial properties. Try using white vinegar to clean the inside of the fridge too as it can prevent mildrew build-up as well as doing the basic cleaning job. You can make a great floor cleaner by adding half a cup of white vinegar to a bucket of water. Combining one part vinegar with four parts water can clean mirrors and windows.

You can also create a bathroom cleaner using peppermint essential oil and baking soda. You can also add two cups of boiling water to two cups of fresh thyme (for its antiseptic qualities), steep it for ten minutes and add it to a spray bottle after the mixture has been strained and cooled.

To clean the oven, sprinkle some baking soda onto a wet sponge. Baking soda can also be used to clean sinks and baths.

For cleaning stainless steel sinks and faucets, regular washing-up liquid is just as effective as a specialist bathroom cleaner and can be picked up for much less.

Laminate floor cleaners

For easy cleaning of laminate floors, add a few squirts of a mild, liquid dish detergent to some hot water. If you've got a more glossy laminate floor, adding half a cup of vinegar and 1 to 2 squirts of mild liquid dish detergent to a bucket of hot water will get rid of most dirt and grease. Instead of mopping this mixture directly onto the floor, it may be better to spray it onto a damp cloth and use this, because excess liquid can damage the flooring. If you do go down the mopping route, make sure that you don't leave any excess liquid on the floor to avoid the possibility of water damage.


And The Benefit from our Axiom Clean expert house cleaning

Having a clean house is something that we all enjoy, but it takes time... what is YOUR time worth? Whit if a local comapny can clean your home effectively?

If you don't know how, it's difficult to remove stains without also ruining the stained items, and to have an organized home that doesn't take hours to complete and then burns you out completely in the process. (Not to mention, is out of control, dirty, cluttered and unorganized again in short order!)

Axiom Home Cleaning Services is a professional house cleaning company located inDurham, NC. We are expert house cleaners providing you with house cleaning services, cool tips, stain removal and organizing help and the best cleaning products and equipment reviews to help you clean like a professional too- backed up by over 10 years of experience.

Cleaning is both an Art and a Science

There is an art and a science to keeping your house clean and in cleaning your home completely, thoroughly and efficiently.

The cleaning professionals at Axiom House Cleaning Services have seen the worst of the worst dirt and grime, and we have all the answers, tips and tricks to clean it all up and make you happeir than you can imagine!

Axiom Clean is a licensed, insured, and bonded house cleaning service located in Durham, NC. We offer honest, dependable and quality cleaning services to our clients in the since 1992, but offically became a business in 2006.

Our employees are trusted, thoroughly and completely trained in order to know the best way to clean a home, and being efficient at cleaning is a must.

Here are 10 ways to find a top cleaning service.

1. Finding a reliable and competent cleaning service can take some detective work. Ask around and get a few recommendations from people you trust. When you find a service you are interested in, find out how long they have been in business, and ask for three references. Make sure you check out all the references -- not just one.

2. Does your cleaning service screen the individuals they hire? You want some assurance that the people you are giving access to your home and family have had background checks.

3. Make sure the cleaning service you choose can offer you a certificate of liability insurance. Do not accept a copy of their insurance policy -- there is a difference. Getting the certificate directly from their insurance company ensures that their policy is in force, and has not been canceled since the last renewal.

This protects you from any unforeseen issues, and assures you that if damages happen in your home, you'll covered. It also covers the cleaning crew themselves if they are injured while in your home -- if they don't have this coverage, it could open you up to a huge amount of liability.

4. Find out what type of cleaning products the crew will be using. Certain products may harm special or delicate surfaces in your home. Areas in particular to ask about include stone surfaces, wood flooring or induction cook tops, all which require special cleaning products.

5. Ask for a cleaning checklist to discover exactly what the cleaning crew will be doing in each area of your home. When you do hire a cleaning service, make sure you check their work, and be certain the tasks were all performed properly.

6. Be clear on the payment policy. How do they charge -- by the hour, or by the day? What is included, and what jobs are extra? Do they provide all cleaning supplies? Make sure you get a estimate in writing as well.

7. Ask if the company has a guarantee policy. You deserve a quality cleaning job in a fair amount of time for your money. If you have any issues with the cleaning services, call the manager or owner of the service immediately.

8. Make arrangements for pets to be out of the way when the cleaning service arrives, especially the first few visits. Pets can easily escape when a door is inadvertently left open, and some cleaning service employees may not be comfortable with pets. Protect yourself, your pets and the crew by keeping them in another room, or outdoors during cleaning.

9. Decide whether you plan to be home at the time of the cleaning. Many homeowners aren't comfortable leaving the cleaning crew alone in the home, while others quickly develop a trusting relationship. Go with your gut and do what feels right to you. At the very least, plan to be home during the first few cleanings. This allows you to gauge your trust in the crew, and supervise the cleaning process if necessary.

10. If you find a wonderful cleaning service, make sure you reward them by spreading the word among your friends, family, and coworkers. Not only will you be thanking your cleaning service with the additional business, you help your community by recommending a quality service run with integrity. And what could be "cleaner" than that?