Are you insured and bonded ?

Yes! Axiom Cleaning Services is fully licensed, insured, bonded and compliant with all local and state laws for North Carolina.

Will employees or independent contractors clean my home?

Employees. We have an extensive training program that allows us to avoid contract labor. This is a family run business and every employee is thoroughly trained, certified and screened for any criminal history. Also, one of the owners will always inspect the completion of each service.

Who will clean my home?

Depending on several factors, the size, rooms, and requested services, it could be an individual or a team of two or three employees. And we make every attempt to send the same crew to your home for every visit.

What if I find a problem with the service?

Although this would be unusual and we do not anticipate any problems with your cleaning, (actual, we believe you will be thrilled) we are humans and something may be over-looked and/or missed. If this happens, DO NOT WORRY! Axiom offers a 100% Satisfaction Promise for any and all cleaning visits. If you feel something is not 100%, simply let us know within 24 hours and a manager will return to your home and personally address the problem.

How do I pay you?

We accept checks and cash.

Is a contract involved?

No. Not really. Axiom Cleaning Services does not typically utilize contracts as we want you to feel comfortable with our service as we are confident with our commitment to exceed your expectations. However, you may read our online Customer Agreement. This Agreement outlines our work and services we perform.

Does your staff accept tips?

It is not expected, a good word-of-mouth "shout out" to a neighbor, family member or friend who may appreciate a quote is much more appreciated. But, yes, we are thrilled when any of our team receives a lil' extra!

Is it okay to leave instructions on a note?

Yes, no problem. Good communication is a great way to keep us up to speed on your needswhile keeping a good working relationship. We appreciate any feedback that will help us help you - please let us know.

Do I need to be present while you clean?

Iit is entirely up to you if you are there while we clean or issue us a key. If you should choose to issue us a key be assured that we take every measure for protection as your key will never be labeled in any identifiable way and is always under locked security..and insured!.

Do I need to provide you with supplies?

Yes, No, Maybe So? Either way. We can utilize your products if you hace certain requirements, but that is YOUR decision. Your cleaning products are great as the only change we make in your living environment is a clean one. But, our cleaning professionals are thoroughly trained in the use of "all types" of supplies.

Do you move furniture?

Yes, we will move furniture to insure 100% cleanliness.

I noticed that you charge a little more than my old cleaning lady. Why is that?

That is most likely not true once you sit back and look at the big picture; our experience, our methods and services are performed professionally. We have gone to great lengths to protect you, and shield you from the hassles that you may experience by hiring cheap labor that is usually an unlicensed and uninsured sub-contractor. We are licensed, insured, certified and bonded. YOU need to be aware of the issues of hiring a non-professional. Please understand, doing extensive research on WHO you are allowing inside your home is important - we have paid our dues and earned our stripes and have build a solid reputation with great referals!